Web Development and Design

We develop responsive, latest design trend and upmarket websites for businesses, NGO’s, churches, sports clubs, etc….This means that your internet presence in terms of the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) is guaranteed. You may call our business model a ‘disruptive innovation’, but our prices are made in such a manner that, we have everyone in mind. We understand that it is a dream of, particularly, every business to have a website as a form of digital marketing, but the only ‘stumbling block’ between them and the ability to have one, is the fact that websites are very very expensive. They may cost anything from around R10 000 and up to and even beyond R800 000, depending on the specs by the customer,  skills level of the developing team, tools, technologies used, urgency etc…It is with this reason that we, at Jongi Brands decided to ‘cater for everyone’ by considering ‘Affordability’. Please contact one of our trained agents who are standing by and waiting to assist you, at admin@jongibrands.co.za

Household Cleaning products


Modal All-purpose cleaner

Our All-purpose cleaner comes in handy for all your household cleaning from your kitchen, including your stove top, to the bathroom. It works wonders and is unbelievable.


Carousel thick bleach

It is amazing how our thick bleach maintains the brightness of your kitchen cloths, bright clothes etc. It is the power in the thickness of our amazing Carousel thick bleach.


Jumbotron dishwashing liquid

We stock the new ‘Jumbotron’ triple action dish-washing liquid at madly low prices compared to what you are used to. Come ‘close-by and be the witness’