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“Disruptive Innovation” Business model

Our business model is such that the “code of segregation” is broken. Currently, it is generally accepted that if you cannot afford it, forget about it. It is with this reason that we introduced the “disruptive innovation” business model so that we may break the code of segregation of those who are low to middle-income earners. For example, as it stands, one has to pay an exorbitant amount just to acquire a simple website. In this area, we at Jongi Brands, through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Jongi WebDev, we ensure that everyone and I mean everyone, business, organization, NGO, artist, etc.., affords to have a website.

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Business Management Software

We also cater for all Businesses and Organizations when it comes to Business Management Solutions. We create robust web-based applications using new technologies to keep up with the current trend.

We pride ourselves by creating the mobile-friendly, fully responsive websites and apps


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